About Us

We are a privately owned firm based in Oakville, Canada, specializing in providing affordable, high quality infection prevention and control software and services throughout the globe. Our IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) Administrator is a trusted, industry leading Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) surveillance and case management system used by over 350 facilities throughout North America. In 2008, we acquired ICOA (Infection Control and Outbreak Administrator) from Wescom Solutions. Media Release (PDF)

  • Our focus is 100% Infection Prevention and control related. Our software is not an add on module of a larger system Our software was designed by Infection Preventionists for Infection Preventionists and our industry experts keep on top of this rapidly changing field
  • Our software is totally customizable as we realize no two facilities are the same
  • We keep our costs down and pass savings on to our clients
  • We can easily import information into the program from external systems (e.g., Admission, Lab, Surgery, Radiology and Pharmacy) and just as easily export information to the NHSN, CNSIP and other organizations
  • Our software is easy to learn and can be installed and used live within 24 hours of purchase
  • We believe customer service is paramount and are fond of our clients. We are also proud of our 95% customer retention rate.